Thursday, 19 October 2017

Let's Celebrate!

As part of reading this week, we have been looking at Diwali and Chinese Language week. Here is a comparison of two cultural celebrations from Nikita and Aaliya

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

How would you describe this image? Here are some descriptions conjured up by a few of the boys as they unpacked the image before them.

Sub-zero temperatures blanket the expanding glacier. Water flows lazily around no man's land snapping up anything that falls into the deadly drink. Pillars slowly crumble from as the waves slowly lick away at them. Shards of ice materialize on the wall of horror.
The pillars, like men, carry the 4 tonne beast of nature on their exhausted shoulders.  They stand in the subzero lake getting colder by the second.  The landscape is dull, almost like an old black and white movie.  The hole in the middle showing us that some pillars have collapsed under the weight of the colossal assembly of ice above them.  The seemingly calm waters could not be more dangerous, with uncountable amounts of deadly creatures swarming the abyss below.  Any man who is unlucky enough to fall into these merciless waters will die in mere seconds.
The arctic sculpture, highly intimidating, threatening to collapse on anyone in it’s way.  Pillars hold up the bridge shaped landmark while the white sky can be seen on the reflective water. This exquisite masterpiece can be seen from another galaxy. Chunks of ice start to melt and break from the Global Warming crisis but the archway patrols the area stopping enemies from entering the kingdom.

Monday, 16 October 2017

Celebrations to welcome in the new term!!

First week back and lots to celebrate!! Not only is it Chinese Language Week, it is also Diwali this week as well. Here's some information that Aaliya, Tanisha, Dawn and Angel have put together to tell you all about it.

Thursday, 28 September 2017

End of Term Art

Using a mix of digital and traditional techniques we created art to show where we have been around the world.

Monday, 25 September 2017

Time To Get Fit!!

Room 2 took the lead in fitness today.  Check out our fitness routine and feel free to do this routine with your friends and whanau!

Sunday, 24 September 2017

Globalisation In 1 Minute

Having looked at a range different aspects within Globalisation, we worked together to create some 1 minute movies we'd like to share with you.

Poetic Inspirations...

Inspired by some abstract poetry, we came up with our own expression of ideas and feelings. Here are some examples from Dawn, Haoran and Kalani.

Food Galore
Hurrying in, collapsing on the ashen coloured seat.  My face showing passion clutching onto the prize, my prize.

The sounds of crunching could be heard. Salty, various sizes, fragile yet firm. The delicious crispy object was soon completely devoured. As I swallow I become suspicious.  Was this original or salty?

Moving on to the next victim . Pulling down it’s cloak I reveal its actual form.  I am the predator and it is my prey.  Snatching it I enjoy my reward with. Joy.  Creamy, smooth, delicious.

Hunting around I notice a change, something about it is really strange. The cupboards are empty and the jars are hollow. The beast inside me is roaring but all I can do is complain in sorrow.
By Dawn
The struggle is real, my brain starting to explode, the heat inside me is getting high  like a volcano.  

Every number makes  me more and more confused, and then.  I finish.                                                                                          
Happiness courses through me, the screen shines, trees everywhere, green everywhere.                                                                                                            
For now I am  happy.  Really happy.  
By Haoran
                                                Epic Wonders
Teenage girls walk out with a million bags hanging off their arms,
Probably full of  ‘Chanel’ couture or shiny bracelet charms.

I jump around as I admire the wonders surrounding me,
“Ahh, this is my paradise” I say, “ I finally am FREE!!.”

I pull my mum over, to a place that caught my eye,
‘Let's not be too greedy I think to myself, but hey, ‘don't be shy.’

I rush around, to get this, I rush to go buy that,
I feel awesome to say the least, as I put on my new NIKE hat,

Time to finish for the day, let’s go and get some food,
Because I so cannot live without it, I'm being serious dude.
By Kalani

Saturday, 23 September 2017

Te Wiki o Te Reo Māori

As part of our Maori Language week celebrations, we had a a look at the history of Te Wiki o Te Reo Maori. Here's what Kalani and Ansh came up with.

Description; Maori  language week was created in 1975 due to the fact that the language was dying and that they wanted to raise some kind of awareness for it, it has now gone on for nearly 45 years, and the growth in the amount of people who know Maori has increased because of Maori language week.Image result for kia ora

2017’s Theme is Kia ora te reo “Let the language live”

Blurb:This year's Maori language week theme is Kia Ora te reo, this was chosen to represent the indigenous greeting of our country.
The theme for 2016 was Akina te reo(Behind you all the way)

Image result for maori people supporting

For 2016 the theme was Akina te reo.  They chose this theme for 2016 because they wanted people to know that they support, encourage and cheer on the learning of te reo.Image result for Nurture the maori language

The theme for 2015 was Whangaihia te reo kinga matua(Nurture the language)

For 2015, the theme was ‘Whangaihia te reo Kinga Matua.’  They selected this theme as they wanted people to care and support the language.Image result for word of the week maori

The theme for 2014 was Te kupu o te wiki(The word of the week)

The theme for 2014 was ‘Te kupu o te wiki.’  They chose this theme because they wanted to learn a maori word every week for the year, which would increase their maori language knowledge

Image result for Maori Names

The theme for 2013 was Nga ingoa Maori(Maori Names)
They chose ‘Nga Ingoa Maori’ as the theme for 2013 as there weren’t many people left who had pure maori names.  They wanted more maori parents to try make their kids name resemble their culture.Image result for Cherish the maori language

The theme for 2012 was Arohatia te reo(Cherish the language)
They set the theme for 2012 to be ‘Arohatia te reo’ due to the fact that they wanted people to be proud of their maori heritage.

Image result for Blessing in maori

The theme for 2011 was Manaakitanga(Blessing)
They set the theme of ‘Manaakitanga’ for 2011’s Maori language week because they thought that being maori or maori was a blessing.Image result for maori food

The theme for 2010 was Te Mahi Kai( The language of food)
They chose this to be the theme for 2010 because they thought that maori food was becoming very unpopular so they thought that this might get more people to eat maori food.
The theme 2009 Te reo i te Hapori(Maori language in the community)Image result for people spreading maori in the language

They chose ‘Te reo i te Hapori’ to be the theme for 2009 because was very important to spread awareness about the dying maori language around all the different communities in New Zealand

Sunday, 27 August 2017

Our mixed media Globalisation art piece is a culmination of world views, articles and world issues mixed with our own opinions about what's going on in our world today.

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Once Upon A.......

Here's a little taste from the narratives we are writing based on the image below. How would you finish off these stories??...

The Mahana Forest

By Kalani

Very rarely would anyone dare to venture into the unknown Mahana Forest located on the outskirts of Five Peaks. Locals say the mist that surrounds the lifeless trees never relinquishes its grip. Sitting there all year round. Rumour has it, a ghost dating all the way back to the 17th century haunts the old abandoned house. I once heard that the ghost never wants to be disturbed and the people who wander in, never… ever... come back. I have never ventured into the house, nor would I ever, but a voice keeps telling me to go in…. or else.

Rotten leaves and gravel crunch beneath my feet as I tip-toe along the ancient pathway. I feel the ghost watching me as I breath in the nauseating smell of decomposing ‘who knows what?’. 20 year-old Esther Short had moved into her then freshly built house back in 1739, 5 years before her sudden death at the tender age of 25. Some say it was Rose, but others say it was accidental.
The Lost Soul
By Dawn
Panting, I look around. Towering trees surround me, waving wildly, calling my name as I dash past them. Fallen leaves crunch under my feet. Every sound stings my ears. Losing my way in the misty fog. Blood-curdling wind howls under the dim moonlight sending chills down my spine. In the distance I can barely distinguish the dull lights of an abandoned house. No one dares to step foot on the property, making it the perfect spot for me…

She’s coming. I sense her coming for me, to defeat me, to destroy me. Her red, luscious hair flowing behind her and her confident face but she is not alone, she has companions. A dog who is loyal to her, a boy, John, born abandoned and left in a orphanage, but God only knows why he came with them. A man named Rob is the last of her companions. I can not get the sight of them out of my head, it is the only thing I can see...